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Welcome to the September 2016 Newsletter

It’s been a busy summer for us, and unfortunately we have not had the time to send out a newsletter in quite some time. We are proud to finally present our September 2016 Newsletter.

Mineralogical Record Northeast Supplement

The Mineralogical Record released an outstanding supplement over the summer featuring minerals from prominent collections in the Northeastern Unites States. This supplement, organized by Joe Politikya, is a pictorial guide with highlights of 76 prominent collections in the Northeast. Most are from private collectors, but there are also several museums, including the following:

  • Smithsonian Institution
  • American Museum of Natural History
  • Carnegie Museum of Natural History
  • Franklin Mineral Museum
  • Sterling Hill Mining Museum
  • Maine Mineral & Gem Museum
  • Yale Peabody Museum
  • University of Delaware Mineralogical Museum
  • Harvard University Mineralogical Museum

This is largest supplement ever, with 460 pages. There is plenty of representation of local northeast minerals, but the vast majority of specimens are worldwide “eye candy,” i.e. high end Brazilian Tourmalines and Sweet Home Rhodochrosites. It would have been even nicer if many of the collectors would have placed their focus more on the minerals from the northeast localities.

Hershel Friedman’s contributed and added several pages, courtesy of Below are some samples of Hershel’s contributions.

This supplement is highly recommended, especially for regional collectors, and can be purchased on the Mineralogical Record website.

New Mineral Updates

We added several minerals of the halide group into our mineral database, with comprehensive information, quality pictures, and 3D crystals animations. New minerals since our last newsletter include:

New York State Museum Visit

The New York State Museum in Albany contains a vast collection of minerals of New York State. Many outstanding minerals are on display in the mineral hall of the museum, but the museum contains many thousand more minerals upstairs in the vaults, both of New York State and worldwide minerals. Some of the finest representations of New York minerals are stored in this museum. Hershel Friedman made a visit over the summer and took photos of many of the display cases, and will be adding a pictorial report of this collection to the news page in the coming week. Stay tuned!

Localities on our Mineral Detail Pages:

People have asked us what criteria we choose when determining which mineral localities should be listed on each mineral page, and where we get our sources from. Much thought has been given to the specific localities that we have selected to be included in the mineral detail pages on our website. We decided to write a detailed article on this:

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