The Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom March 2015 Newsletter

This month's newsletter provides some of the most extensive coverage on the Tucson shows that took place this past February.

The 2015 Tucson Shows

Once again, we are proud to share our show reports on all the happenings that took place in Tucson this year. Hershel Friedman visited many of the shows, taking pictures and meeting with many dealers. The weather in Tucson was excellent, and there was plenty of interesting material to be found for documenting and photographing.

The 22nd Street Show

The 22nd Street show is set up in a giant tent on the east side of Interstate 10. While this show has mostly jewelry and bead dealers, there are several interesting mineral dealers present. The show also has the show actors of the Prospector's TV series who bring some of their recent Colorado finds.

> View the 22nd Street Show Report

The I-10 Corridor Shows

The strip on the western side of the I-10 Freeway - from the Days Inn at Congress Street to the Clarion Inn at Starr Pass Road - is lined with hotels and tents with hundreds of dealers. There are minerals, gemstones, and jewelery being sold out of almost every hotel room and nook and cranny.

> View the I-10 Corridor Show Report

The InnSuites Show

The InnSuites Show is located in the Hotel Tucson City Center, on sprawling hotel grounds with hundreds of rooms. Almost all important dealers are present at this show, selling out of their rooms. There are also ballrooms filled with dealers and tents in the outside parking areas. This show has a very laid-back environment, and a pleasant, friendly atmosphere.

> View Innsuites Show Scenes & Mineral Lots

> View Individual Minerals at the InnSuites

The 2015 Tucson Gem & Mineral Show®

The Tucson Gem & Mineral Show® is the most important show of its type in Tucson (and the world!) Also known as the "Main Show" and the "Convention Center Show," this is the show that made Tuscon the mineral and gemstone mecca that it is today. Many of the large and important mineral dealers set up a booth at the show.

The Tucson Gem & Mineral Show® also has public exhibit showcases, put together by various collectors, museums, and mineral societies. These exhibits present the largest public exhibit of any show. Many of the exhibits feature a theme. This year's show theme was "Minerals of Western Europe." This brought forth exhibits of fascinating classic minerals, including many historical pieces and those from long exhausted localities.

The show reports will consist of the following sections:

> View Individual Dealers Minerals

> View Minerals of Western Europe Exhibits Part 1

> View Minerals of Western Europe Exhibits Part 2

> View Individual Minerals of Western Europe Exhibits Part 1

> View Individual Minerals of Western Europe Exhibits Part 2

> View the Great Quartz Crystal Face-Off Cases

> View Miscellaneous Exhibits Part 1

> View Miscellaneous Exhibits Part 2

> View Misc Individual Minerals

> View Individual Tourmaline Minerals

> View Thumbnail Exhibits

University of Arizona Mineral Museum: Special Exhibit

Every year, the University of Arizona in Tucson hosts a special exhibit in their mineral museum, located in the Flandrau Science Center. This exhibit is present at the time of the show in Tucson. This year's special exhibit was titled "Mineral Evolution: Mineralogy in the Fourth Dimension." Represented were rock-forming minerals and minerals showcasing the evolution process of the formation of minerals.

> View Individual Minerals at the University Museum

University of Arizona Mineral Museum: General Exhibits

Aside from the Special Exhibits showcased upstairs, the University of Arizona Mineral Museum also has a permanent museum showcase in the basement with an impressive collection.

> View General Exhibits at the University Museum

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