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We welcome you to another edition of our newsletter. Many updates and exciting projects are in the works at, and we are continuously adding new content and photos.

Mineral Trivia Raffle

Mineral Trivia Raffle

The Mineral Trivia Raffle is finally ready and open to the public! This is free and is open to participants worldwide. All you need to do is answer five out of six random trivia questions correctly, and then you will be entered as a contestant to win one of three fascinating minerals! There will be three separate winners. Sometime in March (final date TBA) we will run the raffle. Keep your eye out for our upcoming ad for the raffle in the Jan/Feb edition of Rocks and Minerals magazine.

To enter the Raffle, go to

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Page Updates

As we explained in the last blast, adding a new mineral is an absolutely exhausting process. This requires detailed research to get all the pertinent localities and make sure the page is 100% accurate. Despite this we are continuously adding new content and pages, as well as updating existing material on a regular basis.

Since our last blast in mid-November, the following new minerals have been added and completed:   The following new gemstone pages have been added:
Glossary Update

Glossary Update

Our glossary continues to grow, with 1,151 individual, cross-liked entries in the database. We have been fixing all the links, expanding the definitions, and adding pictures to all the terms, going through each term one by one. Since our last email newsletter, we have completed the terms starting with the letters H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O, and are in the middle of P.

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Mineral Videos

We are going to start a new series producing short films on mineral deposits and discoveries. We are currently working on our first video, which documents an Agate discovery in suburban NYC basalt deposit. This deposit is in the same geological formation as the Prehnite and Zeolite traprocks of northern New Jersey, but is just across the border in New York State. The video is almost complete, so stay tuned!

Glossary Update

A Message From Hershel Friedman

I will be traveling to Tucson for the upcoming mineral shows during the second week of February, and will be looking forward to meeting friends and colleagues at the events. I hope to make new advertising contacts, take photos of exceptional minerals for the site, and of course promote the mineral trivia raffle. I plan on being at the Westward Look Show on Monday, at the Inn Suites, Pueblo (Riverside) and other smaller shows on Tuesday and Wednesday, and at the main TGMS show on Thursday. I will be back home on Friday. If you would like to meet me in Tucson, please use the contact form to email me so we can make arrangements.

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