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Hexagonal Pezzottaite Crystal

The Mineral pezzottaite

Pezzottaite is a mineral that is very similar to Beryl, but it contains lithium as well as the rare element cesium replacing some beryllium in its chemical structure. It is therefore scientifically classified as a separate mineral species from Beryl. When first found, it was though to be a variety of Beryl, but it wasn't until 2003 that the IMA regarded Pezzottaite as a unique mineral species. It is named after Italian geologist Dr. Federico Pezzotta of Milan.
Chemical Formula Cs(Be2Li)Al2Si6O18
Composition Cesium beryllium lithium aluminum silicate
Color Pink to raspberry-red
Streak Colorless
Hardness 8
Crystal System Hexagonal
Crystal Forms
and Aggregates
In flattened, hexagonally-shaped crystals and in short tabular crystals. Crystals usually have a partially pyramidal termination that is flattened on top, and crystals are commonly doubly terminated.
Transparency Transparent to translucent
Specific Gravity 2.9 - 3.0
Luster Vitreous
Cleavage 3,1 - basal
Fracture Uneven to conchoidal
Tenacity Brittle
Complex Tests Insoluble in acids.
In Group Silicates; Cyclosilicates
Striking Features Color, crystal habits, and occurrence
Environment Occurs in a granite pegmatite environment.
Rock Type Igneous
Popularity (1-4) 3
Prevalence (1-3) 3
Demand (1-3) 2

Pezzottaite AUCTIONS
Raspberry Beryl

Pezzottaite is used a rare gemstone and collectors mineral. When used as a gemstone, it is sometimes called by the name "Rapberry Beryl".

Pezzottaite is a relatively recent mineral in terms of its discovery. The most significant locality for Pezzottaite, where this mineral was first described, is the Sakavalana Mine, Ambatovita, Fianarantsoa Province, Madagascar. Additional localities are reported to have yielded Pezzottaite since 2006, including the Deva Mine in Konar, and the Parun Pegmatite Field, both in Nuristan, Afghanistan. Another discovery of Pezzottaite from Burma made its way to the market in 2006, with specimens coming from the Paleini Mine, Khetchel Village, Momeik, in the Mogok area.

Albite, Quartz, Schorl, Lepidolite

Red Beryl - Distinguished by the unique locality.
Pink Apatite - Much softer (5), distinguished by the unique locality.

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