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Luzonite and Enargite

The Mineral luzonite

Luzonite is a rare mineral that is dimorphous with Enargite. Luzonite forms in tetragonal crystals, while Enargite forms in orthorhombic crystals. Luzonite and Enargite sometimes form together in single altering crystals with different symmetry and cleavage habits.

Luzonite is named after its occurrence in Mancayan, Luzon Island, in the Philippines, which is the type locality for this mineral.
Chemical Formula Cu3AsS4
Composition Copper arsenic sulfide
Color Metallic gray with red or pink overtones
Streak Black
Hardness 3.5
Crystal System Tetragonal
Crystal Forms
and Aggregates
Clusters of prismatic crystals. Crystals may also be in small pseudo-octahedral groups. Also in rounded clusters, globular, grainy, and massive.
Transparency Opaque
Specific Gravity 4.4 - 4.6
Luster Metallic
Cleavage 2,1;3,2
Fracture Uneven
Tenacity Brittle
In Group Sulfides; Sulfosalts
Striking Features Mode of occurrence, lack of perfect cleavage
Environment In low to moderate grade hydrothermal and epithermal vein deposits.
Rock Type Sedimentary, Metamorphic
Popularity (1-4) 4
Prevalence (1-3) 3
Demand (1-3) 2



Luzonite is not a common mineral, and good examples are found in only a few localities. The best examples of this mineral come from Taiwan at the Jinguashi Mine, Ruifang District, New Taipei City. Well-formed Luzonite microcrystals come from the Clara Mine, Oberwolfach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The original occurrence of this mineral is from the Lepanto mine, Mankayan, Luzon Island, Philippines.

Enargite, Pyrite, Tetrahedrite/Tennantite, Chalcopyrite, Covellite, Sphalerite

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