Acicular Ulexite Crystals
Acicular Ulexite Crystals from Boron, Kramer District, Kern Co., California
Collection Robert Lavinsky
Description The borate deposits of California have produced some really beautiful/unusual mineral specimens. Few are as unusual as Ulexite. This particular matrix specimen is features a radiating spray of discrete Ulexite needles, something you almost never see in the mineral. The needles have superb luster and a pearlescent, white to tan color. The Ulexite needles are in association with some tan, translucent calcite crystals in rounded masses. Ex. Jim Minette Collection.
Locality Boron, Kramer District, Kern Co., California
Dimensions 4.4 x 3.8 x 2.2 cm.
Specimen Grade C
Photograph Photo

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