Turquoise-Blue Variscite Slice
Turquoise-Blue Variscite Slice from Clay Canyon, Fairfield, Utah County, Utah
Collection Robert Lavinsky
Description A beautiful specimen of chrysoprase-colored, (almost turquoise-blue) Variscite, rimmed by and included by streaks of canary-yellow Crandallite. There is some gray Wardite present as well. This is a rare association, and the contrast is striking. At 8 inches long, the size of this slice places it among the larger specimens out there. Note that this is, as most such specimens are after being sliced out of a boulder, polished. Has a rich solid content of Variscite within the nodule with a unique, bluer color than most. ex. Rice Northwest Museum.
Locality Clay Canyon, Fairfield, Utah County, Utah
Dimensions 21.0 x 13.4 x 0.5 cm.
Specimen Grade D
Photograph www.iRocks.com Photo

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