Diverging Pyrophyllite Clusters
Diverging Pyrophyllite Clusters from Hillsboro District, Orange Co., North Carolina
Collection Robert Lavinsky
Description This species is rarely found in dealers stocks, and when it is found, the crystals are small and insignificant and generally the pieces unworthy of any collection. This specimen has a 3-D, sculptural quality, with two groups of diverging, golden, lustrous, clusters, which just happen to converge on each other, forming a Pyrophyllite mound, 5.0 cm across. To top this off, the pyrophyllite sits on a solid Quartz matrix. Major for the species, and the locality.
Locality Hillsboro District, Orange Co., North Carolina
Dimensions 9.6 x 5.5 x 5.4 cm.
Specimen Grade C
Photograph www.iRocks.com Photo

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