Sweet Home Rhodochrosite
Sweet Home Rhodochrosite
Collection Robert Lavinsky
Description Classic material from a classic, but now closed, locality. Rhodochrosite is typically regarded as among the most beautiful of mineral specimens, and its legendary color make it a spectacular gem. This is a rather large-sized stone in an attractive marquise cut. The photos, although accurate, don't do this rare collector's gem justice because the camera enhances flaws that the human eye does not spot as readily. It is a super bright jewel of a gorgeous red-pink color. The gem is also exceptionally clean for the species and location (given the size, some internal flaws are acceptable. And the over-accuracy of the high-resolution professional photography enhances those small flaws which in person are not so obvious). In sum, this is a very "sweet" stone of exceptional size and quality. Cut by Paul Cory.
Size 8.61 ct.
Locality Sweet Home Mine, Alma, Park County, Colorado
Photograph www.iRocks.com Photo
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