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Colored Diamond Shoppers Guide

Of the many different types of minerals and gemstones that the earth produces, including those which are only found at certain locations of the world, colored Diamonds are considered among the rarest. Diamonds in general are placed on a pedestal as true representations of love and forever-wealth. However, for those interested in taking one step further, colored Diamonds are considered the most luxurious and prestigious items on the planet. Sought after for their exquisite beauty, important look, and impressive investment potential, the general public has strongly taken on to this relatively new trend. Below is a "7 Step Shopping Guide for Fancy Colored Diamonds" to help educate those searching these exquisite gemstones for purchase.

1. Set a Budget
Colored Diamond prices can vary quite drastically. Depending on the color of the stones, then the size, cut, and clarity, color Diamond prices can range from less expensive than their colorless counterparts to record breakers at the largest auction houses like Christie’s and Sotheby’s. Decide first what you are prepared to spend, and start your search from there.

2. Choose a Color
Unlike colorless Diamonds where the four main attributes are often of equal significance, with colored Diamonds, color is by far the most important characteristic. Even though there are only twelve different primary colors to choose from, there are 90 secondary hues, and over 230 color combinations. The color of a Diamond will have the most significant affect on the price. Yellow and pink Diamonds have the highest market demand, while blue and red are most sought after by collectors and Diamond enthusiasts.

3. Decide on Intensity
Although this is a separate step, deciding the color intensity is connected to choosing the color of the Diamond. Depending on how intense the color is, the value of the stone will significantly increase. The color intensity is broken down to a scale of nine different levels, though different colors don't necessarily contains each intensity grade.

4. Select the Shape
The shape of a Diamond is very important, and every person has their own shape preference. Although the color is most crucial, shape is the next most significant Diamond characteristic. Although shape will not necessarily have a significant effect on the value of the stone, through the shape its appearance is best defined.

5. Find Someone You Can Trust
The world of fancy Diamonds is complex due to the many characteristics of the stones. So many things come in to play, from sourcing the stone wisely to possessing the ability to offer it at a competitive price. In order to ensure the right decision, find someone who knows what they are talking about, and can easily be conversed with. Search online for what others have to say about the provider.

6. View the Stone
Even more than what is written on paper, such as a Diamond certificate, is a stone's actual appearance. Each color Diamond is entirely unique. For example, three fancy intense yellow Diamonds with the same shape, cut, and clarity can look quite different from one another. Before making a final decision, make sure to view the Diamond you plan on purchasing. Although a high quality photo speaks volumes, nothing can compare to personally visualizing the stone.

7. Get a Certification
There are many artificially enhanced Diamonds that find their way into the market, so it is important not to get ‘played.’ The best way to ensure you are getting your money’s worth is to ask for a reputable certification on the stone. Most respectable companies offer their stones with GIA certification. However, even if it is not certified by the GIA, make sure a stone has some type of a certificate which can be reviewed by a professional prior to purchase.

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