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Welcome to the February edition of our newsletter. We are writing this newsletter as we prepare for our trip to Tucson, Arizona, where all the mineral excitement goes on this time of year. Many updates have been done over the last month and we would like to share all our news with you.

Mineral Trivia Raffle

Q&A Community

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Q&A Community. This new section is a dedicated area where users can post mineral and gemstone related questions and get answers from the community. We hope to build a valuable resource for experts and students alike. We encourage you to join the community, ask a question, and help others who need it.


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Mineral Videos

As we mentioned in our previous newsletter, we have just started a new series producing short films on mineral deposits and discoveries. We completed our first video, which documents an Agate discovery in suburban NYC basalt deposit.

View the video page here

Mineral Trivia Raffle

Mineral Trivia Raffle

The Mineral Trivia Raffle is up and running, and we already have a good amount of contestants. Roughly about half of those that enter get 5 out of 6 answers correctly and qualify for the drawing. The mineral trivia raffle is free and open to participants worldwide. All you need to do is answer five out of six random trivia questions correctly, and then you will be entered to win one of three fascinating minerals! There will be three separate winners. Sometime in March (final date TBA) we will run the raffle. Keep an eye out for our ad in the current edition of Rocks and Minerals magazine!

If you have not yet entered the raffle, please join at

Mineral Section

Content Updates

Since our last newsletter in early January, we have added the following new minerals:

We have also added a new gemstone page for Variscite.

Several existing minerals also have new content and image updates, such as Smithsonite, Galena, Turquoise, Malachite, and Prehnite.

The Glossary project is almost complete. We have entirely revamped the descriptions of all the glossary terms as well as added pictures to many of the terms. We are in middle of editing the terms that start with the letter "T". All terms should be completed this coming week.

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Glossary Update

Homepage and Listing Redesign

We created a new design format for the homepage, and are in the midst of making a new listing format for the mineral and gemstone listing pages. The new homepage features a more intuitive link structure and a friendlier format, and the new listing pages will show small thumbnails of each mineral. Stay tuned while we complete this update! Blog

We post all our updates on the blog. Whenever we make any significant updates or add some mineral and gemstone pages, we'll update it here. Please check this page frequently to be informed of all that is going on.

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Glossary Update

Tucson 2012

Hershel Friedman will be in Tucson this coming week for all the major mineral shows. He hopes to make new advertising contacts, take photos of exceptional minerals for the site, and promote the mineral trivia raffle. He plans on being at the Westward Look Show on Monday, at the Inn Suites, Pueblo (Riverside) and other smaller shows on Tuesday and Wednesday, and at the main TGMS show on Thursday. If you would like to meet Hershel in Tucson, please use the contact form to make arrangements.

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