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Sulfosalt Minerals Added

by Hershel Friedman January 20, 2015 10:53 PM

One of the sub-classes of minerals missing from our database has been the sulfosalts. Up until now we have not had any information on any of the sulfosalt mineral, but we have started working on this and adding the sulfosalt minerals. New minerals added over the past two weeks include the following:

We will continue to add more as we get to them!

New Sulfide Minerals Added

by Hershel Friedman January 02, 2015 10:47 PM

We have added the following sulfide minerals, with detailed information, select pictures, and 3D crystals:



We also rewrote the page on Apatite, reflecting the subspecies to the new and improved IMA nomeclature.

Minerals.net December 2014 Newsletter

by Hershel Friedman December 15, 2014 11:32 PM

You can view our December 2014 newsletter online. Please click the image below for the larger version.


Minerals.net Mobile Website

by Hershel Friedman December 10, 2014 11:05 PM

We are pleased to announce a new mobile version of our website! With the explosion of mobile and tablet browsing, we felt the growing need to have a separate mobile version of the site optimized for users with non-desktop screens. Minerals.net is the only detailed mineral informational website that has a complete mobile website version. We encourage all our visitors to go visit Minerals.net with their mobile or tablet device! Just load the website from your browser, and it will auto-detect your phone and tablet to load the mobile site!


You can still view the full-screen website by clicking the link on the bottom of the page to view the full website.


To view the mobile website on your desktop, visit http://m.minerals.net.

Educating Our Youth Towards Middle-Range Collections

by Hershel Friedman December 10, 2014 10:56 PM

Where are the Youth?


There is an abundance of new mineral specimens coming out of Asia, Africa, and Russia these days. The quality of this new material reaching the market is remarkable. This higher quality stems from a new awareness among collectors, especially from lesser developed countries, to be cognizant in preserving the material they are collecting. This includes proper methods of mining and extraction, matrix preservation, preparation, and protection until it arrives at a dealer. The result is an abundance of many new fine minerals from new localities, or from places that were previously not big specimen producers.


On the flip-side, quality minerals from classic localities are increasingly difficult to get a hold of. In developed regions of the world, like the United States and Western Europe, many classic localities are off-limits or have been exhausted. Quality specimens from such locations can be difficult to come by, since they are only available on the market from recycled collections. When they do become available, their prices tend to be very high.


The upper class of collectors generally focuses only on the finest quality minerals. The market for these types of specimens seems to be increasingly strong, especially with an influx of wealthy collectors overseas who are interested less in the science of minerals and more in the aesthetics or collectible worth of minerals. I was recently witness to a $30,000 mineral transaction by a wealthy collector at the Tucson show. 


There is also a lower tier of mineral specimens, which I often call the “tourist stones.” This group includes small Quartz points, “Peacock Ore”, polished Hematite, sliced geodes, and the like. The sales of these are also brisk, because the general population without much mineral interest will still purchase these affordable minerals at tourist locations, “rock shops,” or from stock dealers.


Serious collectors want only serious minerals. However, non-hobbyists, amateur collectors, and holistic collectors generally go after cheap, common material. The minerals that live in the middle of this equation are in a difficult position when it comes to selling. This includes reference material that may not be the prettiest, or good minerals that don’t present the best quality for a species or location. This middle gap is unfortunately growing wider, as there are fewer collectors interested in this middle-tier material.


During my teenage years, my collection was within this middle tier. The higher-class material was out of my reach (with the exception of the hidden “sleepers” that I sometimes came across), and the lower-class material didn’t have much interest to me. However, I appreciated a varied collection of obtainable material by maintaining a great reference collection that was still highly aesthetic and representative, yet affordable.


I am noticing that there are fewer children and adolescents with a serious interest in the hobby. Almost all the experts on minerals these days seem middle-aged or older, with few young and serious collectors who don’t need only the finest. It seems to me that most of the youth at shows today are just looking for “pretty rocks,” or their dads with an interest in science and nature are schlepping them along to the show. I rarely encounter knowledgeable children or adolescents who have a serious interest in collecting for the sake of owning a comprehensive yet affordable collection.


I am not a dealer, but I sometimes sell at shows to move some of the excess material that tends to accumulate in my collection. I notice the serious collectors looking for the rare and unusual items that I offer at a fair price. Less knowledgeable collectors, kids, and general hobbyists are always buying the cheap material I have, such as mica plates and carnelian rough for cabbing. But the “nice but not super quality” material in the middle tier, and much of the reference material that isn’t particular striking, rarely moves along.


I think it’s time to work on getting more youth interested in this hobby. They are the ones who are interested in a serious yet affordable collection, and they will be the ones who develop into the future enthusiasts and professional collectors. If the future of mineral collecting lies with our youth, we need to focus our efforts on educating children and young adults, giving them more interest and guidance in this field.

Yet More Sulfide Minerals Added and Revised

by Hershel Friedman December 06, 2014 10:18 PM

We are continuing to add and fix up the sulfide minerals, The mineral Cobaltite was recently added, with information, pictures, and 3D crystals. Other minerals entirely revised include:



Continuation of Sulfide Minerals

by Hershel Friedman November 21, 2014 12:21 AM

We recently added several new minerals, with detailed information, pictures, and 3D crystals:

We also updated the content and revised the following mineral detail pages:
And we added new photos for the following minerals:

Several new Sulfide Minerals Added

by Hershel Friedman November 02, 2014 12:10 AM

We are presently addressing the sulfide group of minerals, adding in new photos to existing minerals, and adding important minerals that are missing from our database. New minerals recently added include:



The Franklin, NJ Fall 2014 Show

by Hershel Friedman September 29, 2014 11:15 PM

This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit the Franklin, New Jersey, Fall show. The weather was extremely hot for late September, and was in the upper 80's. This made the outdoor part of the show a bit uncomfortable. I was also very surprised at the $7 admission price to the show! I don't remember the cost being this high previously, and I certainly hope the show staff takes into consideration that this will alienate supporters of the show. I took photos of all the display cases and some of the fluorescent cases, and zoomed in on some individual pieces. I did not have my tripod with me as I normally do, so the quality of the pictures is not necessarily the quality I would like these pictures to be.


any picture below for a larger pop-up, and use the zoom key to enlarge: - See more at: http://www.minerals.net/news/#sthash.dTwnCxIN.dpuf

Click any picture below for a larger pop-up, and use the zoom key to enlarge:


Various Willemites from Sterling Hill
Various Willemites from Sterling Hill


Willemite in Calcite - Franklin NJ Show
An Exceptional Willemite in Calcite from the Above Case


Franklin, NJ Show Classics
Franklin Classics, from Common to Rare (Steve Kuitems)


Franklin, NJ Show Classics
A Zoom Into the Above Case


Rhodonite, Franklin, NJ
Rhodonite with Exceptional Color from the Above Case


Pyrite Graphite Franklin New Jersey
Unusual Pyrite from Franklin with Graphite from the Above Case


Franklin Minerals Franklin NJ Show
Unlabeled Case of a Mounted Old-Time Franklin Area Collection


Gahnite Franklin NJ
Gahnite and Rhodonite from the Above Case


Garnet from Franklin & Sterling Hill NJ
Garnet from Franklin and Sterling Hill


Andradite Garnet - Franklin Show
Mustard-Yellow Andradite Crystals from Franklin
(Label Says Green but its more Yellow than Green)


Agates and Polished Artifacts - NJ
Agate and Other Polished Material from New Jersey


Ribbon Ore Franklin Show
"Ribbon Ore" - Franklin Area Minerals Forming in Veins


Fluorescent Willemite Vein in Calcite
Fluorescent Willemite Veins in Calcite


Steve Kuitems Fluorescent
Various Fluorescents in the Darkroom


Willemite in Calcite - Franklin NJ Show
Zoomed in to Really Nice Willemite Crystals on Calcite

Minerals.net September 2014 Newsletter

by Hershel Friedman September 16, 2014 5:58 PM

We have emailed our September 2014 Minerals.net online newsletter. Please click the image below for the larger version.


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